Dining Tables

Meticulously crafted from the finest materials. Our quartz tables are asversatile as they are elegant.

Every table is handmade in our Devonshire workshop with unrivalled artistry and skill. The result is flawless luxury furniture that combine contemporary design with timeless style. From elegant dining to bold boardroom pieces, experience our passion, precision and craftsmanship. To see these pieces first-hand, visit our Showroom. We’re always happy to talk you through our process and help develop a product created only for you.

Legato Stone Dining Table by Steve Bristow Furniture

Legato Dining Table

The Legato collection with its interlocking curves and fusion of stone and metal works perfectly in modern and traditional room settings.
Prices starting at £4,995.00

Bistro Stone Dining Table

Cosy and Contemporary. The Bistro stone dining table is for intimate dining at home or at a restaurant.
Prices starting at £1,295.00

Quartz Bar Table in Carrara

Bar Table

Curved design and decorative rings with inbuilt ice bucket mean this bar table will never fail to impress.
Prices starting at £1,250.00

Athena Stone Dining Table

The Athena Dining Table is a truly timeless piece. With a solid single plinth base, this classic design will be sure to make a big impression. Made from hand-polished quartz the Athena Dining table is not only functional but unique.

Roma Stone Dining Table

Make a statement with the double plinth Roma Dining Table. Where traditional elegance meets contemporary style. Dine in luxury and choose a material that suits your interior design. Completely customisable, your Roma promises to be unique.

Verona Quartz Dining Table in Ammonite Diamond White

Verona Stone Dining Table

Dine in style with this showstopping piece. Taking the Verona design to new heights, this large dining table is built to leave a lasting impression.
Prices starting at £3,500.00

Sienna Quartz Dining Table in Ammonite Portobello

Sienna Stone Dining Table

The Sienna collection combines cool curves with statement design. The dining table is no exception.
Prices starting at £5,000.00

Ferrara Quartz Dining Table in Ammonite Tuscany

Ferrara Double Stone Dining Table

The Ferrara dining table offers elegance and flair.
Prices starting at £7,950.00

Maranello Stone Dining Table

With symmetry, simplicity and style, this table creates a bold centre piece for any room.
Prices starting at £6,000.00

Modena Quartz Dining Table in Ammonite Portobello

Modena Stone Dining Table

Graceful curves and natural quartz combine to create luxurious design, perfect for a modern dining area.
Prices starting at £6,000.00

Ferrara Quartz Table in Ammonite Diamond White

Ferrara Single Stone Dining Table

Purity of form meets playful design in this sleek, modern table. Available in a variety of sizes.
Prices starting at £4,500.00

Monza Quartz Table in Ammonite Monte Grigio

Monza Stone Dining Table

A simple, elegant design offering great stability and understated style to any dining room.
Prices starting at £3,000.00

Milano Quartz Table in Ammonite Ice

Milano Stone Dining Table

A modest but timeless design. With classic curves which are hand-finished and built to last.
Prices starting at £3,250.00

Sorrento Quartz Table in Ammonite Tuscany

Sorrento Stone Dining Table

The Sorrento Table offers a sculptural base with a selection of table tops to suit your style.
Prices starting at £7,250.00