Coffee Tables

Meticulously crafted from the finest materials. Our quartz tables are asversatile as they are elegant.

Every table is handmade in our Devonshire workshop with unrivalled artistry and skill. The result is flawless luxury furniture that combine contemporary design with timeless style. From elegant dining to bold boardroom pieces, experience our passion, precision and craftsmanship. To see these pieces first-hand, visit our Showroom. We’re always happy to talk you through our process and help develop a product created only for you.

Melbourne Stone Table Collection

Six standard sizes that blend geometric shapes with angular metal detail.
Prices starting at £595.00

Athena Stone Coffee Table

Why leave the showstopping tables to the dining room? Invest in a quartz coffee table made with classic design to last a lifetime. Elegant and of the highest quality, the Athena Coffee Table will transform any living area.

Verona Quartz Coffee Table in Ammonite Diamond Black

Verona Stone Coffee Table

Adding a sense of opulence to any living room, this coffee table creates a big impression in a compact design.
Prices starting at £1,100.00

Piazza Stone Coffee Table

Add a sense of luxury to your living space. Perfectly combining style and function.
Prices starting at £1,000.00

Ucello Quartz Coffee Table in Unistone Grigio

Ucello Stone Coffee Table

This combination of calm lines and industrial-inspired chic make for a modern classic.
Prices starting at £875.00

Como Quartz Coffee Table

Como Stone Coffee Table

The epitome of luxury, the Como is bound to impress with its smooth curves and quartz finish.
Prices starting at £600.00

Cubo Stone Coffee Table in Coral Gold Granite

Cubo Stone Coffee Table

Less is more. This meticulously crafted table marries form and function with minimalist style.
Prices starting at £600.00

Tivolo Quartz Coffee Table in Ammonite Carrara

Tivolo Stone Coffee Table

A refined addition to any living room. Bold angles with elegant curves create a modern design classic.
Prices starting at £850.00