Bespoke Neolith Table Project

Where can you get a marble table big enough to seat 18?

That was the problem that one of our recent clients had, and we were tasked with creating the solution. Our client was based in London and had spotted some inspiration out of an office window for an outdoor marble table. It had to withstand the four seasons of British weather and also be possible to move.

Based on these factors, we suggested looking at Neolith instead of marble. This sintered stone was still able to give the striking patterns found in the natural stone, but is much stronger and durable than marble, allowing us to work with 20mm material which will hold up to being moved from time to time.

Slab photo of Neolith Etatuario
Neolith Estatuario


The Estatuario model in the Classtone Collection stands out due to its faithful interpretation of Carrara marble. A combination of thick and subtle veins crossing a pure white background provides the Estatuario with a design that exudes elegance and decorates any space where it’s used with a touch of freshness, class and beauty.

The Carrara Estatuario is a material that is in high demand nowadays due to the global trend to use white veined marble in homes. Estatuario by Neolith meets this market demand by offering the inherent design of this natural stone along with the innate resistance of Sintered Compact Surfaces.

Bookmatch detail on surface of Neolith table
Close-up detail of the bookmatching on the table surface

Neolith Estatuario was chosen and we set to work on the design of the table. Because of the size, the top needed to be manufactured in two pieces due to the slab size and also to be able to take apart and move. This presented us with an opportunity to make the most of the book-matching option from Neolith and create a real statement with the vein pattern. The three cubed legs also had the veining wrap around to keep the flow and natural look of the table.


Neolith Table being manufactured
Putting everything together in the workshop

Once manufactured, we had the table packaged up and delivered to the property in London where we assembled it and added the small finishing touch of some placemats made from Neolith Basalt Grey to contrast against the white of the Estatuario.


Just like this 18-seater table, our fully bespoke service allows you to craft your perfect piece of stone furniture. We work with you to make your dreams a reality.